You can barely open your insta feed on a weekend for pictures of some comps somewhere all claiming to be the best one this side of the Rogue Invitational and throwing in some single leg hollow kipping muscle swings over the rower to differentiate themselves from the others. 

The majority of functional fitness competitions seem to be run in an orderly way and most people seem to enjoy the ‘buzz’ and the opportunity to get some professional photos of them grimacing on a snatch PB attempt. Sure, there are the social media moaners who get beat by a better ‘athlete-that-shouldn’t-be-scaled-as-they-have-muscleups-and-doubleunders’ but you are never going to please all the people all the time. 

As a community these events are put on for us, the Athletes, by some incredibly hard working individuals (and some shysters who don’t pay up!) and a lot of people who give their free time to no-rep you, tell you where to stand in your lane, and workout how you’ve come 47th in a field of 45. 

But seriously, it’s about time we’ve got all the event directors in a room (we will need a big room for all the egos 😉 ) and got our ducks in a row and put some proper standards for movements, judging, athlete levels and so on. That behemoth in The USA that calls itself HQ will charge you $1000 to be licensed, but it comes with no quality, benefits or any value attached to it neither for organisers nor for the Athletes (beside looking good on a t-shirt). 

The FRF (UK) is trying to do just that: coaching, competitions, consistent standards, consistent and clear judging, helpful athlete levels and everything else that comes with a governed sport. If we are Reaching for the Rings and looking to be included in the Olympic Games we need to sort these seemingly little yet hugely important and impactful things out. 

So next time you’re on your seventh no rep on the latest backwards walkover high bar swing around upside-down ask yourself ‘could this be better?’. If the answer is yes, then let’s join forces and get these comps answering to us all.