After a four-year hiatus due to the pandemic and its aftermath, the British Functional Fitness Championships (BFFC) returns for its third year in 2024.

The BFFC is the FRF(UK)’s principal competition, held to identify national champions in each age group and to select athletes to represent our country at the iF3 World Championship as part of Team UK.

champions include Emily Dwyer and Joshua al’Chamaa in 2018, and Laura Faulkner and Evander Harewood in 2019. 

The competition format for the BFFC 24 will be the Individual Medley.  There will be no Team Medley competition this year.

The Individual Medley is a competition format that the iF3 is developing as the ‘Olympic’ standard.  It comprises six tests of fitness over a three-day period: endurance, strength, bodyweight skill, bodyweight endurance, mixed modal and power.  

Further details of the BFFC 24 will be released on 12 Apr 24.