British Functional Fitness Championships 2024

The BFFC is the FRF(UK)’s principal competition, held to identify national champions and start the selection process for UK athletes to represent the UK at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS and compete for the title of a FUNCTIONAL FITNESS WORLD CHAMPION!

The BFFC in 2024 is not just for the prospective world champions either, we want to encourage grass roots participation from as many in our community as possible. The format is designed to be accessible to all while creating a level competition from novice to national champion. 

Gym owners sometimes despair at having other annual participation events messing with their programming every weekend for three weeks in springtime so we have tried to create something that can fit into a class structure and be done in an hour, but yes, it’s going to be a tough hour of Fitness!

The RX vs SCALE is also addressed, why should you not receive credit for work done in a scaled capacity but another athlete doing 1 rep RX automatically goes higher on a leaderboard? Doesn’t seem fair to us! We have created a scaling option where credit goes to those still willing to work hard and test their fitness but do a modified version of the workout and get credit for the effort they put in. 

Local, regional and national competitions will be able to use our ranking system to guide athletes to which division to enter, guide the movements in their competition and make the overall experience better for everyone. You will also be able to re-test your score a number of other times within the year. If you are new to Fitness Racing or were injured at the time of the initial competition you can still get a ranking or improve it as new skills are unlocked to allow you to compete at higher level comps.

Look out for the new BFFC24, details coming soon!