Octopush, also known as Underwater Hockey, is a sport discipline recognized by the sport councils of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  At the UK level the sport is regulated by the British Sub Aqua Club.

Other recognised sports include Ultimate Frisbee, Tug of War, Arm Wrestling, Skipping, Korf Ball and Baton Twirling!

While these are all worthy sports (my intention here is not to belittle other sports), this list does beg the question, ‘why is competitive functional fitness not a recognised sport?’

The answer is simple, no-one has ever applied!  The FRF(UK) was established to address this deficiency.

Does it matter that competitive functional fitness is not a recognised sport?  We think it does and here’s why.

First, when the development and sustainment of the sport is solely in the hands of commercial organisations and their associated brands, the sport is run in the interests of shareholders and not the community.  Excess revenue generated from the community ends up in the pockets of wealthy investors and is not reinvested into the sport.

Secondly, recognition means that the NGB and its affiliated clubs and individual members can apply for funds to support projects that develop this sport.  These funds come from the Treasury and are disbursed by the sports councils of the home nations to support the infrastructure that creates participation and sustains the sport.

Finally, we are working with the international federation (iF3) and over 40 NGBs from around the world to seek the recognition of competitive functional fitness as an Olympic sport.  If we can get official recognition as a sport in the UK then this helps the iF3 to make the case to the international sporting authorities, including the International Olympic Committee.

These are all goals of intrinsic value, and they are within our grasp – if Octopush can do it then so can we!