Delivering a comprehensive suite of coaching qualifications is the principal focus of FRF(UK) in Q2 2024.

Doing so will enable competitive functional fitness coaches to develop and demonstrate their professional competence and experience with qualifications recognised by CIMSPA.  It will also provide a foundation for FRF(UK)’s Elite Coaching Development Programme where we develop the national-level coaches of the future.

FRF(UK)’s Coaching Education Framework adopts a four-level structure as follows:

Level 1 – Assistant Coach;

Level 2 – Coach;

Level 3 – Head Coach; and,

Level 4 – Elite Coaching Development Programme.

Levels 1 – 3 are focused on developing professionals who can competently coach group functional fitness classes.  These qualifications are therefore focused on developing health, fitness and wellness in the functional fitness community.

Level 4 comprises three additional grades of qualification that will develop the professionals who will coach the athletes in the FRF(UK)’s Elite Athlete Development Programme.  Coaches studying for Level 4 qualifications will do so as part of the FRF(UK)’s Elite Coaching Development Programme.

All FRF(UK) coaching qualifications are accredited through Transcend and recognised by CIMSPA, thereby creating the first and only professional qualifications for functional fitness coaches that are officially recognised in the UK.

If you would like more information about FRF(UK)’s coaching qualifications and courses, please e-mail