The FRF(UK) was established in 2016 and now, seven years’ later, we are very close to starting the formal recognition process.

As a company limited by guarantee registered in England, the formal recognition process will be managed by Sport England.  

The FRF(UK) represents all the home nations of the UK, and should recognition be given by Sport England it will therefore apply to all the sports councils of the UK.

The recognition process is of two parts: a pre-application and a full application, separated by approximately one year.

The FRF(UK) will make its pre-application in late Q2 24 and, should we be successful, its full application the following year.

We are so close to success, but we cannot do it without you!  Please support our AMRAP Campaign and consider becoming a member or, if you are a gym owner, an affiliate of the FRF(UK).

Together we can achieve recognition for our sport and thereby secure its future.