The FRF(UK) has a number of vacancies for critical board-level director and executive officer/manager roles and we need you to fill them!

Directors sit on the (Council) Board of the FRF(UK) and have statutory and fiduciary responsibilities arising from Company law.  The Board sets the strategic priorities for the NGB and includes non-executive and independent directors who can help the FRF(UK) to achieve its objectives.  A sub-set of directors are called Executive Directors who also sit on the Board and are part of the Executive that delivers the day-to-day operations of the FRF(UK).  

Officers/managers sit on the Executive of the FRF(UK) and comprise the key senior management positions of the NGB plus the Chairs of the Policy & Operations Committees.  The Executive is responsible for achieving the strategic priorities set by the Council and for implementing direction and guidance from the membership, usually expressed through decisions made at the AGM or consultation exercises, or through decisions made by the Policy & Operations Committees.  The Executive meets twice once a month and members attend the AGM.

If you are interested in in becoming a director and/or officer in the FRF(UK) please send your CV and a short statement of why you are committed to the goals of the NGB.  Expressions of interest should be sent to before 30 Jun 24.

We will be accepting and reviewing candidates throughout the period Jun to Jul 24, before interviewing and making provisional appointments in Aug 24.  Candidates will be sent Role Descriptions for vacant roles so they can express a specific preference.  Nominations will be subject to approval by the membership at the next AGM to be held in Aug 24.