The FRF(UK) believes that clean sport matters and that we have a responsibility to promote and protect clean sport.  We believe that athletes should compete on a level playing field and that sporting success should be the result of application, determination and respect.  

The FRF(UK), as the NGB for the sport of competitive functional fitness in the UK, makes the following declarations:

  • We recognise UKAD as the National Anti-Doping Organisation for the United Kingdom;
  • We comply with the UK National Anti-Doping Policy and the Assurance Framework;
  • We adopt and enforce Code-compliant Anti-Doping Rules;
  • We nominate Mac McKie as the FRF(UK)’s designated lead on anti-doping matters and as our liaison officer with UKAD;
  • We nominate Mark Brine as the FRF(UK)’s nominated Board member for anti-doping matters; and,
  • We commit to educating our Athletes, Athlete Support Personnel and other relevant Persons on anti-doping matters.

We have already demonstrated our sincerity, commitment and support for clean sport in the following ways:

  • All officers of the federation have completed the Clean Sport Advisor course; 
  • We organised UKAD-led education programmes for Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel that participated in our 2018 and 2019 National Championships (this included mock anti-doping controls);
  • We investigated and subsequently de-selected an athlete on the team representing the UK at the 2019 iF3 World Championships for anti-doping rule violations; and,
  • We actively participate in UKAD’s ‘Protect Your Sport’ initiative by speaking out when something is wrong, most recently concerning athletes who train with banned coaches.

If you think that clean sport is important then please get involved in the FRF(UK) as a supporter, member and/or officer of the federation.