British Functional Fitness Championship 2019


The British Functional Fitness Championships (BFFC) is the national championships for competitive functional fitness in the UK.

The BFFC is organised by the FRF(UK) and any revenues generated from the competition will be re-invested in programmes to promote the sport in the UK.

The BFFC seeks to achieve four objectives:

  • to deliver a community-owned national championships of the highest quality;
  • to identify national champions who can credibly claim to be the fittest male, female or team in the United Kingdom;
  • to select the team that will represent the UK at the iF3 World Championships 2019 in Sweden; and,
  • to inspire athletes of all abilities to become the best athlete they can be.

Up to 416 athletes (male and female) will progress from the qualifiers to the final.

Full details are at the BFFC listing on Eventbrite (see ‘Book Your Ticket Here’ opposite).


The Individual Medley medal event adopts the iF3 format being developed for the Olympics.

The event comprises six tests of fitness over three days. The tests are: aerobic capacity, strength, bodyweight skill, bodyweight endurance, mixed modal and power.

The Individual Medley will be for all age group categories from Teen through Open to six Masters categories.

Qualification for the Individual Medley event will be six tests over six months starting on 1 Jan 19.


The Team Medley medal event also adopts the iF3 ‘Olympic’ format.

The event comprises six tests of fitness over two days.

The Team Medley competition is open to teams of four (MMFF). Teams can be formed from any two males and two females – they do not have to come from the same affiliate/box/gym.

There will be three qualifiers for the Team Medley competition at a tempo of one every two months starting on 1 Jan 19.

Up to 160 teams will progress from the qualifiers to the final.


The BFFC will apply the iF3 movement standards. This means that any of the following movements could appear in the qualifiers or the final.

  • Squats – Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat and other variations, e.g Pistols.
  • Bodyweight Presses – Push Ups, HSPU and Ring Dips.
  • STOH – Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk and Squat Jerk with barbells, dumbells and kettlebells.
  • GTOH/GTS – Snatch, Squat Snatch, Split Snatch, Power Snatch, Clean, Squat Clean, Power Clean and Split Clean with barbells, dumbells and kettlebells.
  • Deadlifts – Deadlift and Sumo Deadlift.
  • Hanging Movements (Bar) – TTB, Knees to Elbows, Pull Ups (Strict, CTB, L-Hang, Kipping, Butterfly), Bar Muscle-Ups and Pull Overs.
  • Hanging Movement (Rings) – Toes to/through rings and Ring Muscle-Ups (Strict and Kipping).
  • Handstands – Handstand Hold and Handstand Walk.
  • Rope Climbs – From a seated position, Legless and L-Rope Climb.
  • Monstructural – Rowing, Running, Cycling, Swimming and Ski Erg (indoors and outdoors).
  • Jump-Based Movements – Burpees, Barbell Burpees, Box Jump, BJO and Skipping (single and double-unders).
  • Core – GHD Sit-Up, Back/Hip Extension, Hollow Hold, Hollow Rock, Sit-Ups and L-Sit.
  • Kettlebells – Kettlebell Swing.
  • Others – Sleds, Stones (onject over shoulder), Thruster, Wallballs and Lunges.

British Functional Fitness Championship 2019



Fri, 16 Aug 2019, 09:00 –

Sun, 18 Aug 2019, 16:00 BST



University of Bath

Claverton Down


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